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Customer Testimonials

I want to tell you how GREAT Steve and the Gutterbusters team is. I called Steve and the GB Team and a max of two weeks later, I had a new downspout and the gutters cleared and cleaned. Two weeks were great for me, since I waited three months for my roofing company to fix and replace. Steve was able to do it all! I just hope the bay area gets one more day of rain to see just how well they really work. Steve added a diverter on the new downspout that fixed a dripping gutter that was too close to the house. It was a huge concern, and it was determined an additional downspout was required. Steve's team left the property without a footprint of their presence and the gutters themselves upon inspection, have never been cleaner. His price was more than fair. I will use Gutterbusters again. Hire Steve. You will not be disappointed.

BG M.  |  San Mateo, CA  |  Apr 30, 2018

Steve is great! I chose him based on the Yelp reviews, and he didn't disappoint.  He was very quick to give an estimate, replaced the entire gutter and downspouts and keep me posted at every step.  Will certainly use him again if there is a need.

Tanya R.  |  Saratoga, CA  |  Apr 10, 2017

My husband said we needed new gutters and downspouts. Although not nearly as fun as shopping for shoes, I began the research into having this work done. Reading the reviews made me pick The Gutterbusters as this is their specialty. Steve returned my call within the week and came out that same day to do the estimate. The price seemed to be fair. He had some good ideas about placement for effective drainage and design. Steve suggested a different gutter style that would look nicer and fit better than the OG ones we had. This variety would also make it easier to clean out which my husband approved of. Stave showed us the various color that the copper gutters come in and we were able to find a suitable shade to match our siding. The new gutters are custom made and are seamless. The entire job was done within a week and everything was cleaned up properly.

Julie H.  |  Belmont, CA  |  Aug 1, 2016

We recently had Steve install copper gutters on our house. His communication was good, he and his crew were extremely professional and we are absolutely thrilled with the results. It really doesn't get much better!

Neil A.  |  Montara, CA  |  Jun 28, 2016

After the rain started, it looked like a part of my roof meeting the gutter had a very small issue where the water was hitting the ground directly. Steve came by and fixed it with no issue or complaints. I'm not even sure if it was even his issue to begin with and likely something pre-existing with my home. I offered to pay as well and he refused to take payment. Amazing service.  I wish all my other vendors worked this way.

Ashrod H.  |  San Francisco, CA  |  Feb 17, 2016

Delayed review from April 2015, but thought it best to give a review since its almost El Nino season. I contacted about 5 different gutter cleaning services and the only person who called back was Steve. He called me back about 24 hours after I submitted my form online and scheduled an estimate for that day. He was able to schedule in an appointment that week and I didn't have to be home for him and his crew to come out to clean the gutters.  I was pretty impressed with the efficiency and responsiveness. The price was very reasonable as well (I don't want to climb on the roof and spend an entire day cleaning out gutters by myself). I definitely would use them again. Only takes cash and checks.

F S.  |  San Francisco, CA  |  Sep 7, 2015

Steve did an amazing job replacing our gutters, building an additional downspout, and repairing the existing downspout. He was highly recommended by Robert Jasso who was painting our house and discovered that our gutter was a mess (you could see the sky through the holes in the bottom of the gutter!!!)  Steve was able to begin right away and was very flexible with his schedule so that he would work within the painter's schedule, even working on Saturday. He answered all of my questions and carefully explained the placement of the new downspout. He has his own metal shop so is able to beautifully customize the metal to the needs of the house. He is honest to the core, reasonably priced and very easy to work with. Thank you Steve, for your wonderful work.

Kerrie M.  |  San Francisco, CA  |  Jun 5, 2015

Steve is exactly the type of contractor you would trust to work on your home- he's prompt, very conscientious about clean-up, professional and the finished product looks fantastic. He made recommendations to lower the cost and even came back with an extra 'elbow' that I didn't know I needed.

Ed C.  |  San Mateo, CA  |  Oct 14, 2014

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Angie's List Testimonials

Nov 5, 2017

The job was done on the specified day and went well.

Description of Work: Replace the downspouts on both sides of the house (2-stories in the back) and clean the gutters. Test to ensure drainage working properly.

Mar 18, 2017

Steve is fantastic. Very knowledgeable and professional. He came to evaluate what needed to be done while I was at work one day (he called prior to coming to check if that was okay). Based on what he saw from the ground he gave me a quote for $400. He came by on a Saturday to get the work done. In spite of some extra things that needed to get done (there were a couple downspouts that were plugged that needed serious repair) and some extra things I asked him to do while he was up on the ladders (he pigeon proofed some places) he only added $50 to his original estimate. I'd use him again and recommend him to anyone.

Services Performed: The gutters up on my second floor needed cleaning and some leaks at a couple of corners sealed.

Aug 7, 2016

It took me a while to contact them because they were overwhelmed with requests. Once I finally got a hold of them, things went well. They scheduled a service date.

Description of Work: Gutter Cleaning and repair. Add downspout.

Feb 17, 2016

Description of Work: Cleaned gutters; one story home. Showed up on time. Finished within expected window.

Nov 30, 2015

This was a big and challenging job as our two story house has upper level gutters that are very difficult to access. Also, the gutters needed some significant repair work but we were extremely happy that Steve could do such a great job and that neither he nor we thought they needed replacing. He was a pleasure to work with, very professional, and excellent followup as the job progressed. Would absolutely recommend him.

Description of Work: Repaired, sealed, cleaned gutters. Added downspouts where needed. Placed gutter guards on all the gutters.  

Jul 26, 2015

Steve did an awesome job in installing a new 20ft length gutter for us where our old patio cover was. He was on schedule and completed the job quickly.  We are very happy.

Services Performed: Installed new gutter where old patio cover was.

Jun 4, 2015

Steve Mitchell was referred to us by our house painter Robert Jasso. Steve came to our house within a few hours of our call.  He and Robert worked out a schedule so that Steve could replace the gutter during the house painting schedule. This was a huge relief to us and we really appreciated Steve's complete efficiency and professionalism. In addition to the replacement, Robert custom built a downspout in his metal working shop and added it to the house and repaired an existing downspout. He answered every question we had and helped us make a sound decision about where to place the new downspout. He is knowledgeable, efficient, and his work is outstanding. We are grateful for his hard work and our house is now in much better shape because of it. We highly recommend Steve!

Description of Work: Replaced gutters and built a downspout

May 5, 2015

Fast and easy experience! I received a call ahead of time to confirm the appointment. They arrived on time, and the work was completed quickly. They left the roof and surrounding areas clean and the fee was exactly as quoted. Overall, very happy with the service. Will definitely hire again.

Description of Work: Cleaned all gutters, checked flow of downspouts, and recovered existing gutter screens.

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